Helping Females in & around the Cheltenham area to get stronger, look, move and feel more awesome than their currently do.

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1-2-1Personal Training

Are you looking for more than a workout, someone to hold your hands along the way and give you a more personalised feel and guidance to help you get the results you want, then my personal training services is for you.

Semi-Private Training

Wants to experience 1-2-1 personal training but possibly can’t quite afford it, or the pressure of being on your own, why not share the experience with a close friend(s) or family member who has similar goals as yours, but still experience personalised training with a touch of class.

Group Training

Do you love being in social environment, with like-minded individuals on a similar journey without feeling judgements, while possibly building a network of friends for life, then small group training is for you.

Online Training

Love being in control of your day, training when you want then online training is the most flexible, cost-effective, way to reach your fitness goals with the technology we have available to us today. If you want to work out where and when it’s convenient for you (instead of relying on someone else’s location and availability), at the fraction of the cost of in-person fitness training, then online coaching is for you. This way, you can get fit even if your schedule is hectic and your budget is tight.

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Try this Productivity Tip: Are you one of those individuals that are finding you don’t have enough time in your day to do many of the tasks you know you should do, but needs to be done. Why not arise abit early each day and fit in some of those things on your “To do...

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The power of monitoring your daily and weekly habits.

HABITS Motivation is what gets you started. Habits is what keeps you going. Jim Rohn Everything we do in our life is formed from years of daily habits whether there are our own or borrowed from our friends, family, the environment or cultures we surround ourselves...

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Putting Your Kettlebell to use.

Making Proper use of the cast iron door stopper you may have at home i.e. that kettlebell lying on the floor gathering dust.. Greeting my loyal reader, how are you getting on so far with improving your overall health and fitness in 2018, I’m sure over the last few...

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