My top 4 reasons,why I exercise.

Will you have believe if I told you several years ago during my primary and high school years, I’ll have come up with any excuses not to take part in any physical exercise, especially the dreaded sport day events, due to either being too shy of taking part, the fear of not winning or just standing in fronts of crowds due to the fear of being judge by others as my though will have said in my head.

Well fast forward to the present time, some of those fear are either now there or I have found ways of managing them over the years through sheer life experiences.

Today I love to exercise for a number of reasons, not only because it’s part of my job description of trying to set an example for my clients and unknown others but simply because of the countless benefits exercises has on both my mind and body but also future proofing what may lie ahead in life.

There are so many great benefits to doing exercises, classes or workout whatever term you currently choose to describe your physical activities you currently fit into your lifestyle.

The key is to find something that you really enjoy and do it for the right reasons, as consistency trumps motivation every time. As you’re more likely to stick to something you enjoy doing to reap the long term benefits, than doing something you don’t enjoy.

My favourite types of exercises currently are long hikes/walks during the weekend while taking photography and strength training ie weight training during the weekdays couple with some low level static cycling in-between days lasting anywhere from 15-60mins depending on how my day’s flowing.

Everyone has different reasons for why they start out on their journey towards exercise. For many people new to exercise, and from my experiences as a personal trainer/coach their initial reason on most occasions is to simply lose weight, tone up, which will eventually have the added effects of looking and feel great about themselves.

But as time goes on many clients can see the many other benefits of doing exercise such as there are getting strong than ever before which then empowers them in other facades of their lifestyle and finally start seeing, believing and feeling much better in themselves.
Their initial reason of something like losing weight becomes less of a priority as they start to make exercise part of their healthier lifestyle on a regular basis.

So today I want to share are my top 5 reasons why I exercise:

1. Makes my day more productive.
Something that a few clients tell me after their training, is not just how good they feel after doing their workout, but how it sets them up for the day. Studies have shown that exercise can help improve the ability to focus and concentrate. Personally after a workout, my mind is in a better place to tackle the day obstacles and I feel more productive and motivated to get things done, especially if I get it done early in the morning upon rising even doing my simple routine of 50 press up and stretches before taking a shower, which can take all about 5 mins or less.

2. It makes me mentally strong and it can do the same for you.
There’s something quite remarkable about seeing others complete a great feat at any sporting event, more so on a personal level there’s nothing quite like lifting something heavy for the first time or over a number weeks, months and years as its tells the body and mind I’m getting better at this which reinforces positive behaviours overtime and empowers you to ask the questions what more can I do with my mind and body outside of the gym arena regardless if you’re a stay at home parents or high powered CEO, there always more we can do, we just need a little belief and guidance from time to time and I belief exercise/physical fitness is a good place to start.

3. Anyone can do it.
So many people still have the belief that they need to be in a certain state of fitness to take part in exercises, it couldn’t be further from the truth, Exercise is something that everyone can do, as it can be tailored towards their own ability level, age and goal. It is something that you don’t have to be good at, all you have to do is try. As it not a competition against others but becoming a better version of yourself as you’ll never become happy with what you have already achieve overtime, something that I generally reinforce to my clients when they have down days and thinking they haven’t made any process, because as humans we don’t often take the time to reflect on the distance we have already travelled, as we’re so wraps up on what’s next.

4. It will Keeps my body healthy for years to come.
Seeing I have a family of my own, I want to be around for many years to enjoy healthier lifestyle doing things such as travelling, hiking and making lasting memories with my family and friends for decades to come and having a frail and weak body and mind doesn’t give me a fighting chance.
If I’m in poor health both mentally and physically, more so as I aged I want to be a good position to fight off lifestyle diseases where possible and that journey starts now.

Remember we have only one body and life to live and now is the time to start living the best life you possibly can be and that starts with having a healthy body and mindset going forward, by doing exercises that not only keeps me fit but at the same time challenges me and keep me stronger going forward.

By now everyone should that the  magic secret of exercise does wonders for the whole body.

Part-taking in regular exercise program helps to keep the muscles and bones strong for daily tasks and that ability is something many of us take for granted. But more so, as we age, we start to lose muscle mass which can significant put people at more risk of injuries and disabilities which is why it is important to keep our muscle mass up. So doing exercise on a regular basis can also help build bone density, preserve muscle tissue which helps prevent conditions such as osteoporosis in later life, as well as keeping your heart and lungs healthy, a win-win situation really, so what not to like.

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