Conventional wisdom has told us for a long time that motivation is the key to reaching our weight loss goals, but it isn’t…

If we’re being honest it can feel like we’re constantly tripping on motivation every week, and it only makes our weight loss feel further away.

So, today I wanted to share a quick idea about why motivation isn’t the real key to weight loss and what we should really do to hit our weight loss goals when motivation isn’t there.

We’ve all heard people in the fitness industry talk about motivation before, and they’re usually saying something like…

“If you want it bad enough you’ll just do it”

“You just need to just have more willpower”

Or “you have the time, you just need to be more dedicated”

All of those sayings are about as helpful as telling someone who’s struggling to finish a marathon with foot blisters, and a pulled groin muscle to just “dig deep”

The truth is as humans we’re all hard wired to choose the simpler and easier option when we have a choice because it’s helped us conserve energy and survive.

And for every client I’ve worked with who’s ever struggled with “motivation” they didn’t have a motivation problem at all.

They weren’t able to weight loss because they were going against their hard wiring and always trying to force themselves to choose the more difficult option.

You’d be amazed at how little motivation actually matters when we make the habits we need to do to be successful with our weight loss simple and easy.

When I make my clients weight loss simpler suddenly…

The pounds and inches starts falling off…

They’re swimming in clothes that used to pinch and squeeze.

And their confidence shoots through the roof.

Because we stopped focusing on motivation and started focusing on making their nutrition and exercise simple.

Now, I’m not sure if you’re interested in creating a simple straightforward road map to your weight loss goals that will get you there quicker…

But if you are then simply fill out any of the contact forms on this website and I’ll reach out to hear a bit about your goals, what’s getting in the way, and see how I can help.

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