Group Training

Small group training is effectively one Personal trainer instructing a group of 5 to 10+ clients at once, but at KyddFitness it’s limited to 5-8 individuals due to current space and timing available with individuals who has more or less similar goals. It also gives allows me the chance for proper attention to the participants.

My small group training is one of my Four Personal Training services I provide and gives individual the chance to use my services at a discount investment concurrent to my 1-2-1 packages or even my semi-private training services, but still like the human aspect of others compare to that of online training.

It’s also ideal for individuals who has suddenly gone “oh hell”. I have put on some weight, my fitness is downhill and need the motivation of others or like belong to a tribe as such, more so likes to workout with others and being part of the community’s vibes of sharing and meeting individual with similar journey even just for the social aspect of it.

Seeing my current client base is around 98% females on a 1-2-1 and semi-private training level, it seem fair to do a group class base around helping females doing what I love which is helping other on their Health and Fitness journey for the long term but also the chance to help other females who love to be in a more group base environment.

The aim of the small group training is help females get stronger, fitter, move better, look and feel better than their currently do through the process call strength training or weight lifting as know by other and to complement individual other physical activities throughout their daily lives.

Days & Time: Currently Mondays 7-8pm, 8-9pm, Saturday 8:30-9:30, 9:45-10:45am and Sunday 9-10am

Ability Type: Aim at beginners to intermediate individuals depending on your own ability of strength and fitness levels.

Class size: Minimum of 5 person and a Maximum of 8 individual at any one time in the classes, so I can be able to still coach and advice exercises correctly, while keeping a watchful eye, As every client is treated as an individual.

*Please note that there must be a minimum of 5 people in the class or your group for it to qualify as a small group training , anything less and the investment cost changes to that of a semi-private training packages, please check out my semi-private packages page for more options.

Time frame: 1hr.

Equipment: Will compromise of the use of both your bodyweight and free weights to condition, tone and strengthen your physique in a safe environment supervised by myself.

Location: Currently conducted indoors, in the upstairs floor of, ReSet Gym, Oriel Lodge, Oriel Road, Cheltenham GL50 1XN, in the summer months classes will move outside to a different location with changes in time and days.

Point of contact: myself via the following means, Mobile: 07737347854, Email:

Investment options: Paid on a monthly basis.

What do you get as part of your group training investment:

  • Weekly guided group session, under a the watchful eye of
  • Regular support and contact with me.
  • Access to a closed/secret Facebook group only for group members of the class only that can be used to discuss any question/information, extra motivation and advice.
  • Training & Nutritional advice via the facebook group
  • Bonus gift of Free access to my fitness mobile app that I will upload workout that will complement your sessions and can be access anywhere in the world, also you will be able to track your performance on a weekly basis, also where you can upload your nutrition info, your own before/after measurements and photo’s if you desire, send and receive messages etc and much more.

What do you need to bring:

  • A huge smile, lots of determination, with a positive attitude.
  • A towel if you desire to have a shower afterwards or for removing sweat.
  • Your own water bottle if desire (plastic cups and water is available at location).
  • Gloves if you like.
  • Comfortable clothing.
  • On Open Mindset, to learn new things you might not have been taught or misinformed about.

Here’s 13 Benefits of the class to you:

  • To aid all individual in getting more fitter & stronger in your daily lives to help and possibly prevent lifestyle conditions such as osteoporosis which is common among females who don’t do weight/strength bearing exercises on a regular basis or maybe going through menopause period of life, back pains, arthritis and heart diseases.
  • Perform better in other physical activity you currently undertaking such as Tennis, Rowing, Yoga, Running or any other group type basis classes.
  • Being in a comfortable & non -imitating environment among friends on a similar health and fitness journey.
  • Improvement on your cardiovascular and anaerobic levels.
  • Overall improvement in your own personal physiques such as reduction on you weight loss or Fatloss level, get more stronger, tone body ie:(build lean muscle/loss body fat) all depending on your personal needs, there is something for everyone base on their needs.
  • Reduction in major injuries and fractures if incur a fall etc , as you will be more physical stronger to with-handle the impact in some instance.
  • Improvement in your overall mobility and flexibility.
  • Improvement in self-confident both in the way you look and carry your body as your body begin to adapt to regular strength training.
  • Improvement in overall health marker such improve energy levels, enhance mood, reduction in handling stress, improved sex life and better sleeping patterns.
  • Improvement in you eating habits as through the knowledge gain via my services, which can Possibility lead to a drop in a dress size or more, and looking better in what you wear .
  • Another outlet to burn more calories throughout the day compare to your more traditional cardio type activities.
  • Gain strength without bulking up and much more.
  • Being coached by a professional Personal Trainer/coach that will always think about your safety first and foremost as much as your health.

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