Happy 2016, and what on awesome year you have before you to turn your health and fitness lifestyle around, especially if you are now starting out or already familiar with training, in this brief article, I have outline 3 exercises and benefit that should be a staple to your training programme if you’re new or looking to spice up our old training programme.

The chin-up
Chin ups and pullups are very superior exercises to include in your training program for a number of reason such as building overall upper body strength, improving individuals grip strengths of the hands, shaping the back muscles and a catalyst for building biceps muscles, it also activate the lower abs more than exercises such as hanging leg raises and abs wheel roll out, and far superior than using machine such as the Lat pulldown machine or the assisted chin up machine, a good way to actually gauge if your upper body is strong or weak is trying doing strict bodyweight chin up without the aid of swinging movement from the legs, give them a try and you will know what I mean.



The face pull
The face pull along with the external rotation( exercise not shown)is one of those great exercise you will want to have in your training program to help bullet proof shoulders for years to come, also it’s a great exercises for individuals who currently suffer with shoulder problems, apart from improving and keeping the shoulders healthy what this exercises is also helps with improving upper body posture, especially individuals who suffer from rounded or internally rotated shoulder, due to either through desk bounds jobs or overuse in pressing types exercises for the chest and front Delts.



The overhead squat
The overhead squat, as with the normal back and front squat is a fantastic because it’s calorically expensive on the entire body, works the body entire muscle groups, while helping to develop a strong core all around. Along with those benefits, the overhead squat is a great exercise for mobility and stability of the shoulders, as well as aiding and increasing flexibility in the hips, knees and ankle, more so it helps to mobilize the thoracic spine especially for those of you individually who leads a desk bound job along with a sedentary lifestyle, and getting that hunch back look, more so it can be done in the comfort of your own home with something as simple as a broom stick handle over your head, what are you waiting for grab one now.


As with any exercise and training program make sure you have a grip with the basic techniques, or get proper guidance and coaching before engaging in any exercises as it could lead to injury or further injuries, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive health and training plan, I’ll recommend getting in touch.

If you , your friends and family is looking for a Personal Trainer in the Cheltenham and surrounding area’s looking to improve your general health and fitness, maybe drop 1-2 dress sizes or loosen your belt bucket, improve your energy levels for yourself, kids and family, or be more focus in your business and day jobs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at info@kyddfitness.co.uk or check out my website at www.kyddfitness.co.uk where you can read about individuals results and improvement to their health and fitness.