– Take daily action doing the things that will lead you towards accomplishing your goals.

-Stop comparing yourself to others, you’re unique in your own way.

-Use the power of visualization to help accomplish your goals, seeing what the end results would look like.

-Surround yourself with individuals who will help lift you up or on the same path as you.

-Believe in yourself is a MUST.

-Make changes when it’s necessary, they is no need to keep doing exactly the same things over and over and expecting a different result.

-Recognize your progress, whether small or large and reward yourself when necessary.

-Don’t be afraid to ask question when IN DOUBT.

-Practising say “NO”, when needed.

-Get to bed early, your body will thank you later.

-Be grateful with what you currently have, while seeking to uplift your current situation.

-Make and take time to switch-off during the day or week when necessary.

-Treat your body with some respect, get your daily dose of physical activity and healthy eating on board or your engine will eventually breakdown.

Please add to this list from your own personal philosophy make up, in whatever way you usually keep yourself motivation.

As always please share if you find these post of interest to you, your friends and family, but most of all take action on implementing the strategies.

As we’re already day’s into 2016, if you, your friends and family is looking to improve one or more of the following below and live in the Cheltenham area.

– your health and fitness.
-Drop one or more dress sizes.
-Loosen your belt buckle.
-Improve your energy levels for yourself and family.
-Be more focus in your business or workplace.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at info@kyddfitness.co.uk or check out my website at www.kyddfitness.co.uk where you can read about others results and improvement to their health and fitness.

Have a blessed and productive start to 2016