Written for my Health and Fitness Column in the Cotswold Style Magazine February 2015 issue.

I love Milk chocolate what other options can I use to cut down on my need for something sweet?
Seeing that this is the time of the year where chocolate and red roses are sold in abundances, I wouldnโ€™t deprive you of your chocolate, but my advice will be to swap to an organic dark chocolate of 70% or more. This way, you will automatically reduce your intake and also get your daily fix along with all the added benefits of antioxidants contained inside. Also you can try cocoa nibs which is great way of getting your chocolate fix with many benefits as a superfood.


What alcoholic beverage is the least worst?


If possible try and stay away from alcohol beverages while on your program or any program if possible as it can be a limiting factor in reaching your goals. It lowers testosterone in men and in women, it can hinders your fight against losing belly fat, which is a common goal in training. It also increases cortisol in the body ie your stress hormone, and modifies steroid metabolism in the liver. If you have to indulge in alcohol itโ€™s best to drink red wine of Spanish or Sardinia variety due to the high antioxidant and and this can help to remove Oestrogens in some individual cases, but you will have to drink in the region of about 52 glasses in one go, to get the benefit stated, which defeats the object. If you have to drink beer – best switch to spirit as beer causes a build up of oestrogen in our bodies in some cases. When drinking alcohol the liver is put under a considerable amount of strain. It stops using fatty acids for fuel and switches to using alcohol instead, so it leaves any fatty acids it should have been using, to be stored in adipose tissue as fat.

I can’t afford the gym what can I do? Fear not – all you need is your living room space. Find a small to medium travelling suitcase and fill it with the same amount of clothes as for a weekend break.


Do the following movement

*1 full body exercises like the squat thruster for 20 reps or 1 minute,

*1 squatting exercise like the deadlift, picking up the suitcase up from the floor to a standing position then back on the floor and repeat for 12-15reps,

*1 pulling exercises the suitcase bent over row for 12-15 reps,

*1 pushing exercises lying on your back and replicate the bench press using your suitcase doing 12-15 reps and

* 1 midsection exercises like the front plank holding for 30 seconds

* if want more finish off with sprinting on the spot for 20-30 seconds

Do 2-3 sets of each exercises resting 45 seconds to 1 minute rest in-between each set. (checkout youtube if not familiar with the movements)


My girlfriend moans no matter how hard she trains she never manage to get a celebrity body, itโ€™s starting to get a bit tedious?


Women are regular bombarded by the media of images of skinny celebs constantly, which make most feel inadequate at the very least, when in reality most are virtually starving themselves with very little gym-going. The thing your girlfriend needs to realise is that she need not emulate that type of look to feel happy. It may also be that she has a low self image of herself which may need looking into to discover the cause on a deeper level. The other point to note is the celebrity culture requires most female to look a certain way , and you might need to point that out to her that she is not a celebrity BUT you can also assure her that she is a beautiful and attractive lady when not worrying about her looks. Tell her to keep up with her healthy eating and training and her body will eventually morph into one that she will soon be please with.