Is it true that if I Weight/strength training my fat will turn into muscle and if I stop training my muscle will turn into fat?



Unless you have been bless with the philosopher’s stone or have the power’s of an alchemist, it’s impossible to turn fat into muscle and vice versa. In simple term the way the body gain muscle is through on increase in your dietary intake couple with some form of weight training done over a consistency period of time while losing fat is the reverse such as a decrease in your dietary intake, along with a sensible weight training programme along with some form of aerobics and non-aerobics training on the side. Muscle and fat are two totally different types of tissue., what usually happens is that many times when individuals decide to go off their training programs their start to lose muscle due to the inactivity as muscle it quite metabolic expensive to the body to keep ie use it or lose it. Also you will find most individuals will start to develop old habits with their diets/nutrition, and lifestyle , combine all these facts together you get the impression that the muscle is being turn into fat, when in reality, muscle is being lost and fat is being accumulated.



As long as I exercise I can get away with eating anything ?



Oh how I wish this was true we will all be a nation of six pack beach body males and females performing optimally on a daily basis and the health and fitness industry would cease to exist, in my eyes the food you eat is either providing quality nutrients or not to your body, you cannot have it both ways I’m afraid. In short it all depends on the individuals goals and what there are trying to achieve, for example our individual metabolism determines how many calories we burn at rest and while we exercise, for example if you eat more calories than you burn on a consistent basis, our bodies will start to accumulate those extra calories as fat regardless of the amount of exercises that you do, usually the people who claim to get away with eating anything are those in the 1 percenters who where bless with very very good genetic genes who seem to never meet or exceed the amount of calories that they burn in one day, therefore their weight seem to remain stable or goes down, I’m sure we all have a friend who is like this, but then again this doesn’t mean there are making healthy choices when it comes to their nutrition.



My doctor told me I need to reduce my sugar intake, but I have heard that sugar goes by other names as well , is this true?



It’s true indeed sugar goes by other names here’s a list of the ones I’m aware of: sucrose, glucose, maltose, fructose, invert sugar, hydrolyzed starch, corn syrup, honey, cane sugar, agave nectar, sugar beets, high fructose corn sweetener, sweetener, molasses, maple sugar, be aware of clever marketing tactics such as no added sugar , low in sugar, made from 100% sweetener, what you need to do is start paying close attention to the ingredient list and if any of these other names comes up chance it’s not as it say’s on the package, if this being the case try to opt for food that’s close to zero grams as possible.