How to make sure you’re starting your day or week off in the right frame of mind along with having the right kit to go into any situation is by having some kind of checklist.

It’s like back in my army days before we go out on any kind of mission I will go through each man kit to see if he has the necessary kit for the job ahead, this same strategy you can use in your weekly approach to improving your health and fitness goals,.

Here’s an example of 3 aspect I like to cover with clients in order to cover their bases at the start of the week by means of my weekly email( note: the subject change week by week).



1. Get mentally ready (reshaping their mindset)

Reaching your fitness goals takes commitment. It’s now time to stop making excuses and begin seeing and feeling results. The first step is setting your goals. Write down your specific, measurable goals right now and put them in a place where you can refer to them every day, doing this little tasks will keep your goals in the forefront of why you do what you do, especially in those times when you’re about to slip up.



2. Evaluate your eating habits (this cover their nutrition aspect)

Do you skip breakfast? Eat your biggest meals at night? In order to achieve your goals, you must begin a new eating plan. Try to eat 3 to 6 small meals a day, this all depends on your lifestyle and work of course, so if you could only manage the 3 main meals a day that ok done worry about fitting 5 or 6 unless you’re dramatically under eating etc. Not only will you avoid hunger, you’ll also experience an increase in your energy levels. Avoid eating out when possible . Instead prepare your meals ahead of time, using the weekend to prep for the week ahead.



3. Schedule your workouts. (this cover their training aspect)

It is very easy to find yourself saying, “I don’t have time to exercise or prepare food without even trying”. Exercise, however, is a huge component in reshaping your body, so book your time for the week training session and stick to it, just as you make time for socialising down the pub, make time for the most rewarding investment to your body.

Hope you find the relevant tips above useful, which can be useful either in business or health and fitness and would love to investment in my services or know of anyone who might, please checkout my website at  and get in touch.