Previously written for the Fitness section of the Cotswold style magazine in 2014.


One of the most important reason individuals don’t achieve their goals or get the desired effect when trying to change or improve their physiques, is mainly due to lack of consistency in a sound training and nutritional plan, which can be down to few things such lack of experience in the gym arena or just don’t know where to begin. This is where a good Personal Trainer or coach would be ideal, depending on what goal the individual is seeking for example Fatloss or building lean muscle mass, the training programme need to reflect that goal in mind, let’s take a closer look at the following tables below to emphasis my point for example an individual looking to lose fat while building lean muscle mass ie toning up what most people normally would be referring too.



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  
Week 1 Lower body training Upper body training Rest Lower bodyTraining Upper body training Rest /getting them doing something they enjoy Rest
Week2 Lower body training Upper body training Rest Lower bodyTraining Upper body  PLAN Btraining Rest /getting them doing something they enjoy Rest
Week 3 Lower body training Upper body training Rest Lower bodyTraining Upper body training Rest /recovery/intervals Rest
Week 4 Lower body training Upper body training Rest Lower bodyTraining Upper body training Rest /recovery/intervals Rest





Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 Weight circuit class zumba yoga swimming Rest Rest
Week2 Spinning class Pilates rest Cardio&free weights circuits yoga Weights/cardio/½hr on phone in between sets. Rest
Week 3 Rest Weight circuit Weight circuit rest pilates Nursing a hangover Rest
Week 4 Free weights rest zumba Rest Spinning/treadmill/

Rowing-30mins each

rest Stay in bed all day from hangover


As you can see right away the difference in training design and variables from the two plans, in Plan A, I as a trainer can guarantee the client a greater chance of results due to a structured plan, knowing exactly what the client is doing on any given day even though I might not be present while expecting an outcome week by week, also it gives me a system to work from every 3-4 weeks when I need to change or adapt the training program/protocol with regards, to things such as sets, reps, rest period, changing of individual exercises and tempo if incorporated, while on some days I might incorporate outdoor events the individuals might like, so to boost adherence to the plan and give the client the illusion that they are in control of the overall programme.
Whilst on the Plan B programme, there never seems to be any consistency with the individual in terms of the outcome they are trying to achieve as there is a lot of changes in different energy system used, along with energy expenditure, some days are a miss match of low level intensity, high intensity exercises, lots of cardio, whilst others are based around free weights, and then rest days when there might not be a need to be. Leaving the individual with the belief that because they are doing different exercises and sweating they are closer to their goal but the truth is a specific outcome might not be guaranteed by this plan. Point to note: All exercise is a positive and many exercise classes are successful in making physical training fun and engaging and provide general fitness for most individual who wouldn’t otherwise bother. However if you have a specific body goal then a specific, well-planned and CONSISTENT training is needed! Truth be told getting results while building a lasting and great body takes time, a lot of hard work and more so consistency with any plan, the people who are successful are the ones who show up day after day, work the system and get the result, other just complain. When it comes to guaranteeing a client/student a result whether that is fatloss or muscle building, not only is having a great training programme a must; but a good nutritional plan is a crucial. More about that subject matter on my next article stay tune.
Quote: The system works, you just got to work it.