Semi-Private training Packages

Which package is right for you?



  • You and your friend have at one time possibly been on avid gym-goer with a good base on strength training or taken part in sporting events, but for some reason you have fallen off the wagon and never seem to know where to start again.
  • Maybe you and your friend just want to see if this personal training thing is for you and enjoy working with others .
  • Both of you Kind of have a good grasp on nutrition and lifestyle management and is quite motivated when get going ,as you can keep each other to stay discipline on a plan together, but you both still need guidance from an experience coach to tighten up things on your end.



  • You and your friend probably already know you want to BREAK your old habits around training, nutrition and lifestyle and replace them with some new habits so you can get stronger, look and feel better and move onto something that will hold you to better accountability.
  • One or both might have not exercised for a while, but have been reading some health and fitness magazines, see all your friends in your social circle get into better shape while you guys have been in a state of inertia and want to do something about it now, you both chat about it but still haven’t taken any actions so far.
  • Both of Your fitness is currently low and you’ll are carrying some extra weight and want to shift it.
  • You’ll understand the value of having the optimum energy through the day so you can do the things you love , especially if you have a family or have your own business.



  • You’ll have come from the age where you were told lies such as “eating fat would make you fat”, “cardio is your saying grace” and “ lifting weights will make you bulky” and now have grown tired of the same merry go around, you have done all the yo-yo diets and fads together, but still have no real results to show for it years after years, now is time to actually learn how to nourish your body for the long term, for optimum energy, fatloss and muscle toning.
  • You want a complete transformation , Procrastinators and excuse makers need not apply as you both never want to go back to your old life as you want to build the body of your future, to enjoy with families and friends as you enter retirement or the kids has now left home and wants to get back your time and life..
  • You could even be a new beginner but know deep down you really need someone to hold your hands along the way as you’re confused with all the information out there, and for too long has been held back by fear and misinformation.