Where you’re at

You and your friend feel currently stuck in a rut, but want to lose bodyweight and fat, built a stronger body to feel, move and look good but not sure where to start. You maybe already be working out at home or in the gym but aren’t seeing the results you want to. Everyone are getting frustrated and wish someone would just tell you what to do for better results.

The problems…

You all lack confidence in the gym so you been doing the same thing & aren’t sure what else to do. For those who have started exercise it’s now becoming kind of a chore & you’re starting to feel you can’t achieve the results you desire, because you lack the know how to move forward. Belief cardio only is your saving grace and never tried proper strength training before.

What you need help with…

You all need an appointment with a trainer that gives you both beliefs in yourself so you want to exercise, because you know you’ll achieve the results you want. Everyone needs new ideas & motivation. You all need someone to push you beyond what you would do on your own & make exercise more interesting & enjoyable so everyone is looking forward to going. Everyone need a minimum of 12 weeks or more of regular exercise, nutritional guidance & progress tracking to make sure you achieve the results you desire.

The program that will suit you best…

*Ideally individuals who’s familiar with the gym environment and have basic good techniques, also have a good grasp on proper nutrition, eating habits and can manage their lifestyle behaviour away from our sessions, but fear not if you’re a newbie I can safely take you through what’s needed in the next 12 weeks to get you up and running.

*From day one you all will start to believe in yourselves & realise you will achieve the results you want. The regular sessions & exercise program get you exercising regularly & no longer confused about what to do.

*Clients who take this option are usually motivated once they get started & they’re good at following a program outside of the gym depending on how much days you train with me.

* The nutritional coaching/advice given at the start will ensure the clients can make progress going forward. You will reduce your bodyweight, fat and inches or vice versa you will build lean muscle if that’s your goal, providing you follow my advice and complete your program regularly. You all will also gain confidence, built a stronger body and feel amazing.

*This program varies in results depending on individuals physiological and psychological makeup and their own starting point.

Support also includes…

  • Progress checked regularly to keep both of us accounted to see what’s working or not.
  • 2 X Full body monthly measurements so that see your individual body part changing over time and know if you’re heading in the right direction, consist of scale measurement, body fat testing, before and after photos.
  • 2,3,4 X Training session per week depending on your goal, motivation and budget, you have the tools to deliver the required results i.e. burning fat or building lean muscle, getting ready for an events or just wanting to improve your current health and wellness etc.
  • Nutritional coaching so you can be educated about making wise and healthy choices also armed with knowledge to keep up progress after this programme, so you can sustain and maintain for the long term.
  • Regular email, Text, or phone call throughout the week, so you can have support, motivation and accountability to keep you on track.
  • My own downloadable App with a Home and Travel workout & gym sessions, so you have no excuse not to keep up with your routine when life gets in the way or if you will like to do your own training in between Our sessions.

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