Where you’re at

No one seems to be happy with themselves after years of failing and using the excuses of I’ll start again on Monday now it’s been years since anything seems to work or you all have actually done anything, everyone feel and know their need to do something about their overall body image how you look or feel but no idea where to start.

If you have a gym membership you either don’t attend or rarely go & are very confused when you do go.

Possibly tried all the diets or buy into the fads at one time or another and still haven’t got anywhere, never tried strength training programs, and probably do mostly cardio classes in the past, mostly still trap by your past habits.

The problems…

Everyone in the group have tried exercise before but get confused when trying to workout alone. You all quickly lose motivation when results don’t come as fast as you’d like. Most see exercise as a chore & currently don’t do any. You’re also concerned your lifestyle choices and eating habits is a majorly contributing factor to your current size & or weight and possibly how you feel.

Possibly tried all the diets or quickly buy into all the fads at one time or another and still haven’t got anywhere.

Belief cardio is your saving grace and never tried proper strength training before.

Having a habit of keep failing off the wagon and getting back on it every Monday morning so to speak, only to undo it every weekend.

What you need help with…

*Need regularly appointments to monitor your nutritional and lifestyle behaviour.

*Need regular accountability to make sure you show up to exercise & so you keep motivated and see results.

*Need clear simple advice to improve your eating to one that produces weight loss and fatloss effortlessly, or guidance to build lean muscle and tone-up but at the same time building a stronger body.

*Need all or most of your exercise to be with a trainer to make sure you do it & you don’t get confused by all the information out there!

*Need to invest in yourself for the minimum of 52 weeks plus to gain the weight loss/fatloss & change ingrained old the habits to get the results you desire, more so to keep it off for the long term.

The program that will suit you best…

*Typically clients choosing this program really don’t have a grasp on things even though they say they may do, because your current results and experience will give you the honest feedback, but overall wants to build a healthier body for the long term future, one that they can love, not wanting some quick fix.

*You all want to feel excited & positive from day one knowing so many before you have achieved the weight and fatloss you desperately want or to build leam muscle and tone up as seen with some of my success stories.

*Everyone will quickly learn to embrace your new healthier lifestyle & believe in themselves which alone will make you move, feel and look better than you currently do.

*This program varies in results depending on individuals physiological and psychological makeup and starting point

*You all want to enjoy frequent interesting enjoyable workouts together that leave you with a sense of achievement. The support & confidence from your trainer keeps you focused & positive.

*Everyone WANTS to really nourish their BODY for long term optimum energy, fatloss and muscle toning and futureproofing your overall health.

Support also includes…

  • Progress monitored every 4 weeks keeping you accountable & positive so you realise what you are achieving.
  • Regular lifestyle analysis & advice to help you all through a plateau and overcome it.
  • 1 X Full body monthly measurements so that see your individual body part changing over time and know if you’re heading in the right direction, consist of scale measurement, body fat testing, before and after photos.
  • 2,3,4 X Training session per week depending on your goal, motivation and budgets, you have the tools to deliver the required results.
  • Nutritional coaching so you can be educated about making wise and healthy choices also armed with knowledge to keep up progress after this programme, so you can sustain and maintain for the long term.
  • Regular email, Text, or phone call throughout the week, so you can have support, motivation and accountability to keep you on track.
  • My own downloadable App with a Home and Travel workout & gym sessions, so you have no excuse not to keep up with your routine when life gets in the way or if you will like to do your own training in between Our sessions.

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