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As a woman in my 50s I wanted to keep fit and healthy but was quite anxious about joining the gym. Someone suggested I get a Personal Trainer, to make sure I was getting the most from my sessions and avoid the risk of inadvertently hurting myself.

Luciano was great. He made me feel at ease and made sure he understood what I wanted. For the first few sessions, we tried various different things so that, together we could work out what was right for me. I feel so much fitter and more confident, and being fitter means I have more energy for the rest of my life. Perfect really.

Vicki Chapman

Luciano is an inspired and brilliant Personal Trainer, he always engages with enthusiasm and he is conscientious, considerate and a kind teacher. What I most appreciate about him, is his ability to keep sessions interesting, by introducing and rotating new and different training methods and equipment. Thus, working with Luciano in the gym is, never boring or routine.

He is gifted at tailoring the needs of his clients to suit their age, ability, needs, aims and long term goals, I highly recommend him.

Sarah Medway

As a Foreign student living in London I was very fortunate to meet someone like Luciano, who has a genuine passion for helping individuals whether you’re his client or not, and that’s was something I was looking for in a personal trainer. After having a conversation with Luciano, I knew I had to do something about my lifestyle. As a student I was accustomed to getting to bed at 2am in the morning and sleeping in until late morning, but still feeling tired and run down. Living in a room full of clutter, my nutrition was made up of McDonald’s and other fast food. I never cooked I my own food… and had no idea how to! I spent long days sitting at a desk and being inactive on the most part and consumed by work projects.

Since meeting Luciano my life has dramatically changed for the better and that isn’t an over exaggeration! In the short time I have known Luciano, I has helped to improve every area of my life. First he encouraged me to take control of my work life balance, and insured that I had a tidy living space to work in but also relax in and most importantly, to sleep in. I now make sure that I get to bed around 10:30pm, and wake up feeling far more positive and productive. He taught me what a balanced meal should look like, by literally taking me food shopping with him, showing me what fresh ingredients look like, what I needed to buy and then actually showing me how to cook. Now I know what real food looks and taste like, and I can now cook! I now have a girlfriend and am reaping the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, and now we have started training together I cannot wait to see what my body is capable of achieving. I cannot highly recommend Luciano enough for anyone looking to change their lifestyle for positive results.

Vrboski Alexander

Luciano is a great trainer. He makes time to understand the clients needs and goals and ensures that his sessions are tailored to these. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. We worked hard during my sessions, he was quick to encourage me and I always left feeling confident and healthy (and sometimes quite achey!).

We always do a variety of exercises to target all body areas. Making sure we warmed up first and stretched afterwards. I can definitely recommend him as Personal Trainer based on my time with him.

Anne Simmons

I started personal training with two modest objectives – first, to rehabilitate my shoulders, which were weakened by old injuries, and second, to simply get back into the habit of going to the gym, and to make it an effective and enjoyable experience rather than a stressful chore. I found Luciano to be an extremely attentive and intelligent trainer, who listened carefully to my objectives and needs and crafted a clever training plan which suited me perfectly. He is an extremely good listener and completely takes into account your objectives, without advancing his own ego or agenda.

After working with Luciano for just two months my shoulders had improved to an extraordinary degree – they simply didn’t dislocate or sublex any more – and I was able to do exercises that I thought would always be beyond my ability due to my previous injuries. I also felt much more confident in the gym and have learned how to train smarter as well as harder, thanks to Luciano’s guidance. He is the ultimate professional and insightful and intelligent enough to cater to your specific needs – and kind, sympathetic and funny enough that you’ll enjoy striving to reach your goals with him. London’s loss is Cheltenham gain!

Claire Ryan

I have been training with Luciano for several months and I’m extremely happy with this choice. He has perfectly understood my fitness objectives and his help toward achieving this has been tremendous. More than anything, Luciano has the ability to motivate and support me in every exercise of my session which makes my workout feel like a walk in the park with a good friend.

I recommend Luciano’s services and even my girlfriend is grateful to him for the results!


I trained with Luciano only for a short time however I would have loved for it to be longer. Nevertheless within that time, Luciano trained me hard and intelligently! Within the third and fourth week I felt the changes beginning to happen from the foundations he had set in the 1st two weeks, not only was he educating me in what to do and when to do exercises, I was being educated on a lifestyle too, from my sleep patterns, hormone imbalances i.e. stress and most importantly nutrition and the effects of the good foods.

After every session I felt I had worked to my best with great support and encouragement from Luciano and I would definitely recommend him to any prospective client!

Sam Downing

I decided to have a personal trainer as I felt that I needed an extra push and motivation in order to achieve my long term goal, which was to lose body fat and increase lean muscular mass.

Since working with Luciano, I feel that I have achieved and continue to achieve my goal of reducing my body fat and developing better muscle tissue, I have better knowledge of what not to eat and what to consume, I now understand that a balanced diet/nutrition is key to staying and getting in shape, along with dedication, motivation and hard graft is key to reaching your goal.

Luciano tailor made a training programme for my individual needs, through which I was taught how to use the equipments correctly, what tempo I should use to get the best out of my training. He also did regular bodyfat measurement and used Poliquin Biosignature modulation to assist me in losing bodyfat. Before I had a PT I was naively thought running was the best way to lose bodyfat, which with the knowledge I have gained from Luciano I now know this is not the case. I also follow him on his Facebook page where I regularly get information and motivational tips. Without his constant knowledge and updates I would never have thought I would be in the best shape of my life, I didn’t even know I was capable of pushing myself, doing some of the things Luciano got me to do. I highly recommend Luciano to anyone looking to make a positive change in their lifestyle.

Sam Foster

Over the past year I have had the great pleasure of being personally trained by Luciano. Luciano’s friendly demeanor as well as his meticulous guidance has driven me to be in the best shape of my life. His knowledge of healthier eating patterns was vital in exposing the habits that I needed to change in order to be in my peak physical condition.

After using many personal trainers in the past, Luciano has been the only one to help me reach the result that I have desired for so many years. I would recommend him to anybody at any level wishing to achieve personal best.

Mariano Vivanco

Training with Luciano is both rewarding and fun. Sessions are always well structured and he prepares carefully in advance. Exercises are varied and he concentrates on quality of execution rather than quantity or load, ensuring that you get the most out of each exercise.

He is flexible, so that when I had tennis elbow, he adapted the programme to ensure that I exercised the offending tendon without exacerbating the condition. His style is encouraging and motivational, and he has a charm and humour that make every session a pleasure.

Stephen Grosz

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