The Ultimate Eating Out Guide

DISCOVER this amazing guide that your PT has been hiding from you when eating out… 

You’ll be surprised how easy and effective this process is to incorporate the food you love & enjoy. 

  • Learn the 4 basic rules to follow when eating out, so you can enjoy the memories made with friends & families instead of sitting there feeling guilty with each bit taken.
  • Are you a pizza lover, who isn’t…..well we got some awesome ideas to make that pizza order on a weeknight or weekend a smart choice for you and the family without blowing your calories out the window. 
  • Are you a lover of burger…well follow these 6 general rules to make smarter choices so you can enjoy what you love without feeling like you have messed up. 
  • A lover of coffee or spending time in coffee shops, well you will be please we have done all the research for you to choose the best coffee, without pilling on the secret calories intakes that go with some of your favorite high street cafes’. 

Get ready to be able to make quick and smart choices when out and about with friends without feeling like you have missed out!