Here’s 3 pre-workout ingredients that might actually improve your gains while You workout.
Unlike most supplements that claims to work but only helps to create a hole in your wallet these 3 might be beneficial if your #nutrition is on point as well.
1.Beta alanine can helps jack up levels of carnosine which acts as an acid buffer when training.
Ultimately this may delay when you start to feel the burn during a 60+ second set and consequently improve your performance and gains. Like creatine, the timing doesn’t matter and it’s down to consistently taking 3-4g per day to build up body stores. Please be aware may make your skin tingle (this isn’t necessarily harmful, but some people don’t like it).
️2. Creatine monohydrate improves energy stores for high intensity exercise and as a result, you might even lift more weight for more reps leading to greater #gainz over time. The time you take it isn’t particularly important and it’s more about consistently taking 5g per day to build up
3.Citrulline malate may help delay that burning sensation you feel when lifting too, and as a result you may be able to do more reps during longer sets of 60 sec or abouts. Over time, these #reps do add up & help you to get bigger & stronger. Citrulline malate is the only one of these three where timing Do matter. Research suggests 8g 1 hrs pre-workout will do the trick for your workouts.
I’m sure there are other pre-workout ingredients that may improve your gains, but again it all comes down to right context of what the individual is trying to achieve in training or specific