One of the most common myths you will hear, when someone is trying to eat “healthily”, is that they think they have to break their bank account to do so. However, in this article I will show you simple ways in which anyone can eat healthy and nutritious food without denting their bank balance. In fact the chances are you might even save money by making sensible and healthy choices!

🍆 Cook from scratch whenever possible; this way you have complete autonomy over what goes into each meal. Plus you get a better understanding of what real nutrition is about compared to overpriced “healthy” ready meals and eating out.

🍆 Cook in bulk and freeze your leftovers when possible. Make soups, stews, curries, and the like, in large batches and divide them up into portions to freeze. This little bit of extra preparation can save you time during the week when life gets in the way, and is also a great way to reduce your cost at lunch, while eating healthy.

🍆 Make a plan and stick to it. Choose any day of the week that’s suitable for you, sit down and devise your meal plan for the coming week… it should only take a few minutes. Try to plan 7 different breakfast meals, 7 different lunches and 7 dinners and 7 additional snacks for each day – thus ensuring you don’t get bored or miss out food groups! You can choose to eat the same thing on each breakfast and switch it up on a weekly basis if that simplifies things or you can do it more often if you like… just have a plan! Once you have a meal plan laid out add up exactly how much of each food you’ll need over the 7 days and armed with your list head to the supermarket. Now stick to the list and avoid those tempting “offers”, this way you won’t buy unwanted food that may go to waste, you control what you spend your money on and it also stops buying unhealthy treats.

🍆 Buy canned foods, spices, seeds, herbs in bulks where possible. Apart from being highly nutrients dense foods things like beans, chickpeas, nuts are all great additional to help bulk out a dishes if you can afford a lot of meat products for your family. Condiments like herbs and spices are great for giving any dish flavour. Look out for Asian and Oriental food stores in your town, they often sell larger packs of good quality spices at a fraction of the price you pay at the supermarket.

🍆 Shop at lower priced supermarkets in your area. Shopping at a variety of supermarkets or even your local fruit and vegetable markets can save you a bundle when it comes to the whole food department. When you start comparing like for like fresh produce, even though it might sound obvious, many people choose to not execute such simple strategies when it comes to lowering your monthly food bill but at the same time eating healthy.

🍆 Check what times at night your supermarket discounts their fresh produce or products that coming close to sell by date. This will allow you buy certain food such as meats from the butcher, at a discounted rate, and fruit’s soon to be ripe can also be frozen and later used in healthy smoothies, along with making homemade jam.

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