Most people’s new year goal is to drop some fat or reduce their weight to some degree.

Something to remember when you see all these weight and fat loss adverts is there are no magical super foods or supplements , there is no magical exercises or equipment to flatten your belly or specifics cardio workouts .

What there is a caloric deficit or surplus. You’re either in a state of caloric deficit or caloric surplus or at maintenance stage where you not gaining or losing.

Things to consider, If you want to drop fat, this comes down to with how much you consume, just eat a little less and move a little more than you currently do.

If you’re not dropping fat, you’re messing with your energy balance by not moving enough on a daily basis.

Doing some of the simplest things can help with your energy balance.
Such as cycling to town if you take the bus or car or of you sit all day start standing more, take the stairs instead of elevator, if you currently walk aim for 10-20,000 steps per day.

If you sit all day, your energy demands are low and it’s pretty hard to burn fat unless you really really take your caloric intake down low which isn’t always the best idea in the long term . So get up, get moving and don’t overthink this as it’s not hard, you don’t need to buy into the quick fixes marketing, you just need to TAKE ACTION, train really hard as often as possible and skip the sweet treats and snacks which isn’t really necessary.

Good luck from Kyddfitness and let me know if I could be of service to you.