If you have been hibernating in the indoors for the last couple of months due to the wet and colds morning’s and evening’s, and really don’t know where to start, here’s eight basic exercises which will get your whole body a thoroughly workout, and kickstart you into taking some kind of action towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle, without having to either leave the comfort of your front room or the furthest your back gardens.



1A- Bodyweight squats 2-4 set x 12-15reps, rest 10sec

1B-Renegade rows(using brick as in pic, you can use your own bodyweight or any item around the home you can manage) 2-4 sets x 12-15reps, rest 60sec, then repeat 1a&b.

2A-Bodyweight forward lunges 2-4sets x15-20 reps, rest 10 sec

2B: Bodyweight push ups 2-4setx 15-20reps, rest 45sec

2a knee bent hip raises 2-4 x 15-25reps (each leg) rest 10sec

3B: Dorsal raise with shoulder rotation 2-4 sets x 15-25reps rest 45sec

4A-Shadow boxing 2-4 sets x 1-3mins, rest 30 sec

4B-Front planks 2-4sets x 30-60mins (static hold) rest 30sec



Make sure you do the A’s exercises followed by B’s exercises, for the given sets and rest accordingly (depending on your current fitness and strength levels you might want to start with 2 sets and work yourself up till you’re doing the full four sets, the same goes for the rest period if you find you need to, take longer rest between exercises please do so but try and keep it towards 1mins), for more information on training options please feel free to contact me.

As always please share if you find these column of interest to you, your friends and family, but most of all take action on implementing the strategies.


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