Circuit Training FOR KINGS and QUEENS.

Circuit training is like the little brother of PHA training and is a great system for beginners looking to improve their general fitness performance. It main objective in completing all of the stations in the circuit is decreasing your starting time of the first set.
Ideally you should should choose exercises that’s important to eliminate weakness in a muscle group(s) or closely mimic your sports if you play one.

💪Start with the exercise that most important to you or your sports and the least important ones later on in the program , then performed each exercises in succession with the aim of always trying to improve your last score, with the main objective is density.

🏋️Overtime this will improve your strength, cardiovascular efficiency and muscle Tonus providing your nutrition is managed along side any training program.


Here’s two examples of a circuit training program:

A- Circuit training looking to strength the back/posterior chain muscles of an athlete with limited time.

1-Barbell bent over rows= 6reps ——Neutral grip pull up =12 reps——Seated cable row =25 reps——-Kettelbell Swing =30 sec ——=120 seconds

Repeat 3-5 times


B- Circuit training program for general fit individuals.

2-Shoulder press =12 reps—-Box jump=6 reps—–Reverse crunch=15 reps——Rowing machine=60 seconds——-Push ups=20 reps——-  Body weight jumps from standing position =10reps—–Mountain climber=25 reps————Cycling= 90 seconds =rest 2 minutes


Repeat 3-5 times