Client: Sam



It’s quite rewarding when you get feedback’s from your clients, but more interesting is when there start to go away and do there own research to built on the knowledge you already provide to them through your services, it shows that individuals is really committed and engage in changing their overall lifestyle and not paying lip services which can sometimes be a common place.


Here’s Sam story as it might sounds familiar to your current struggles.


1-what was your situation like before we started to work together?

Like many women, I’ve always been interested in fitness; often with specific goal in mind; sports, vanity, increasing energy, or just getting back into pre-motherhood jeans post childbirth. Once I hit 45, the idea of fitness became less about short term goals and more about making sure that my body carried me through the up and coming challenges of menopause and osteoporosis. I came to the realisation that fitness needed to incorporate more than cardio to make sure my body was in the best shape possible for my health. Bearing in mind that ‘best’ means different things to different people, my definition of it included the words strong, fit, toned and slim.

2-what reservations(if any) did you have about working with me before starting?

The press has been full of the benefits of weight training for women. Not only does it increase the metabolic rate, and burn more calories, scientists have proved that benefits such as handling stress better, being happier, building stronger bones by increasing bone density and having a healthier heart, are all bought about by lifting weights. ‘Total’ body strength is also associated with ‘exceptional survival’, defined as living longer without developing major disease, and finally; want increased brain power? Lift weights. All very tempting… but what if you end up resembling an olympic shot putter, bulging bicep style, in the process?

I did some more research and found that I had many misconceptions. The idea that women ‘bulk up’ if they train with weights is a myth. In fact the opposite is true; big, compound movements that recruit lots of muscle, force your body to rebuild muscle which means extra calories burned, even after the workout is finished.

3-what has the process of working with me been like?

Working with Luciano requires commitment. It’s not a frothy, two- shot- skim- milk -cappuccino work out; it’s an intensive, full on, gym based strength training with Luciano watching every move. He’s a stickler for ensuring my posture is correct to the millimetre and he has worked with me to undo all the bad training habits I’ve picked up over the years. I find Luciano inspiring; he pushes me to achieve the maximum and he encourages me to be totally focused on possibilities.

One of the most significant changes was my diet. Before meeting Luciano I skipped meals and occasionally binged. He told me to eat at least every four hours, take in more protein, eat full fat and never let myself get hungry. I’m now eating far more but I’m thinking about what I put into my body (well, most of the time!) and I’m not putting on weight.

4-what is the one or two best results you have got from working with me?

The results have been evident, and not just in the superficial sense. I notice the difference in the rolls at the sides of my waist, my English apple flat bottom is now toned and shapely and my upper body is leaner and more defined. Weight training has also had a positive affect on my daily life, I’m stronger and more confident; it’s not just the ability to carry heavy items without help but it is also the mental confidence that comes with a strong body. My posture has improved too.

Years of cardio did not give me the shape I have after 5 months of twice weekly sessions of weights. I don’t think I could have achieved this without Luciano

5-would you recommend others to use my service if so why?

I look forward to my training sessions because it is my time. The concentration and effort I have to put in to achieve Luciano’s exacting programme means that there is no spare capacity to let my mind drift to work or Waitress shopping lists. The support and encouragement I receive from Luciano means I’m so focused I don’t notice how hard I’m pushing myself, and the 60 minute sessions race by.

Most of all, I’m impressed with Luciano’s dedication to precision training. He’s interested in a holistic approach rather than simply just reshaping a body. He understands the wide ranging benefits of weight training and applies those principles to work with his clients for a long term health gain.