One of the great benefits or job satisfaction I get as a personal trainer/coach is to see how each individual transform in their own way whether that’s psychological, physiological, and physical on their journey toward their own goals, whether that’s over a Three months or Twelve plus months period using my services.

Here’s one of my clients @Sue Blancfield ย this month in the Cotswold Style Magazine on her journey so far with me, putting together some of the lessons delivered through my services but more so what she has gone away & did some research of her to conclude what she may have been told in past isn’t true about ladies lifting weights, not only is she hardworking, she is open minded but more so coach able which make the process so much more enjoyable, I’m looking forward to 2017 and beyond.


If you live or work in the Chelthenham area and interest in using my Personal Training services to either look, move or feel great about yourself where psychological, physiological, and physical, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let me help you to make 2017 your year together.

Pick up your copy today of the magazine or checkout the digital version and enjoy over the weekend with a cup of tea or coffee.

Have a blessed weekend all.