Everyone love feeling and being stronger, a common trend shared among all of my clientele.
Here’s a group of compound exercises using The Deadlift exercises that can help both males and females do just that.
Starting with some of the basic to the more Advanced, using one or two pieces of equipment that can be found in most gym.
Ps: Learn the basic technique before, progressing with increasing weights.

Barbell straight leg RDL- helps to ingrain proper movement of the hip hinge , it also a great exercise to get the client to feel the stretch in their hamstring using a lighter but challenging weight , point to note the greater the weight the gluteal muscles take over from the hamstring, it’s also great for strengthening the entire posterior chain muscles of the back. If unsure what the hip hinge is a quick you tube video search can point you in the right direction, I’ll personally recommend getting the hip hinge move right before starting on the barbell deadlift.
Trap Bar Deadlift – If find this help most client get in a comfortable position as it easy to grip, plus the don’t have the get there knee out of way on the way up and down, helps with getting balance of lower body movement and create an adequate power output compare to other deadlift variation, also quite a lot of quad activation compare to the traditional conventional deadlift.
Conventional Deadlift- This is great exercise that works nearly every muscle in the body and if also effective in building strong traps. This exercises involve the lower back more so than the previous trap bar deadlift, usually one of major issue people get with this exercises as they progress is their grip strength will surfer with heavier loads, this can be overcome with either using straps, or mixed grip or hook grips.
Sumo Deadlift-This involves more quad movement as well, maybe more comfortable for some individual depending on hip structure and torso position, I’ll recommend you wear long socks when progressing to save your shins from bruising due of the path of the bar going up and downwards. Caution must taken whining using heavier weights to prevent injuries to the hip and adductor group of muscles, the difference between this and the conventional deadlift is that it works the quads and adductor muscles intensely, because the pelvis is not tilted and works the back less.
Snatch grip Deadlift- The most obvious difference here is the wider hand position, it’s Great for practicing the first pull of the Olympic snatch movement along with grip strength, also great for developing traps and a strong upper back and overall development, can be used as an assistance exercise for the conventional deadlift, also great for the posterior chain development, it’s said it can help to improve your vertical jump as well .
Deficits Deadlift- is traditionally a conventional deadlift performed with your feet elevated. The obvious reason to perform this movement is the increased range of motion (ROM). Great for mobility when done safely and increase time under tension (TUT), and elongate the amount of time a lifter must work through the bottom end of the movements , which is typically the most challenging or weakest link. It also offers the benefit of teaching the lifter how to really drive out of the bottom half of the lift . The increased amount of hip flexion, and generally more vertical torso angle needed to achieve a good position in the deficit pull will stress the duty of the quadriceps to break you from the ground, as with any of these lifts, start light, build up good practice and techniques before you go into the deep end.



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