Scared of carbs whether whole food or slightly processed food such as sugary treats? 🍕🍟🍛🍝🍰


But Why may I ask?


After all isn’t carbs the human bodies most basic form of energy, sugar ie glucose when broken down in it simplest form.

You will hear a lot of people say to you to lose weight effectively you need to follow a low carb diet which is true for some people.

Believe it or not Low carb diets will not be more beneficial for fat loss compared to a higher carbohydrate diet , What’s you need to understand and know more importantly is that you eat less overall than you currently consuming right now that’s the key and secret right there.


Cutting out carbs can be a good way to drop some calories from the diet, helping you lose weight etc, But it’s not the carbs that were making you fat, but the overall calories you consume on a daily/weekly basis that you now happen to have remove from your daily food intake, through the removal of carbs.


Point to note,


💥Carbs isn’t either good or bad, you just need to manage the amount you consume as it’s probably the most food group many of us tend to over eat compare to protein and fats.


💥Another things you might want to consider is if you’re training a lot and using a low carbs diets and your performance is starting to suffer, you might want to add back in some carbs in your diet on your training day in exchange for maybe your fat or protein content ideally your fats, to help you recover and sleep better. Also exercise needs energy and carbs can help with providing you with that energy throughout your hard training.


💥lastly try and get your carbs from mostly whole foods compare to the process and sugary version if health is important to you.🍏🍉🍆🌽🌶🍈

Hope you find this of use.