As we gear up this month to soak up bits and pieces of the Rio Olympics action, while supporting our favourite athletes and home countries with live action from the comfort of our living room, why not use some of your free time not only to watch the Olympians but to train and adopt methods like one.
Here are a few tips to think about and start to implement in your own training and lifestyle right away.

1-Get yourself a coach or PT- All the best athletes in the world have coaches in order to keep them motivated, accountable, for guidance and planning for the foreseeable future, so I’ll always recommend seeking out someone like myself to help you on your path to being an everyday athletes like we really are .

2-Sleep- sleep is absolutely an important ingredient in all top levels athletes and it should be part of yours as well, the top levels athletes try to get between 7-10hrs shut eye each night, as sleep help to optimise and regulate their hormones that helps with things such as recovery and repair from their daily workout and lifestyles, you too should seek to get a minimum of at least 7hrs shut eye each night.

3-Nutrition and Hydration- for athletes to perform at their utter-most best they need to be fluid right from the start, by being consistence with their nutrition on a daily basis, that means eating a balance meal consisting of lean protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats, broken down in equal ratio to not only sustain their training but to keep them functioning optimally and healthy on a day to day basis. with regards to staying hydrated most try to consume at least half their bodyweight in fluid ounces of pure water and depending on exercises duration and intensity some may even consume sport drink containing electrolytes, for you: try to keep each meal balance with a ratio 1/3 coming from protein, carbs and fats, depending on your individuals goals and training, along with drinking the minimum of at least 2l of water on a daily basis.

4-Mindset-mental preparation play a critical part in an athletes psychologically over the years leading up to such an important event, some of the methods these athletes use to stay and get focus is by reading motivation and inspiring books, quotes, daily rehearsal of personal mantra &affirmations and more so seeing and believing in themselves as winners of their chosen goals when no one else does. For you the reader I will recommend adapting a goal and striving each day to progress to achieving that goal before moving forward, for your mind-set I will adapt one of the above methods depending on your own self-belief and see how it works for you, as the once legendary Napoleon Hill once wrote “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

5- Training Component- This where the real athletes are made by being consistence on a daily basis, staying focus, and giving it blood, sweat and tears away from prying eyes of the public, for you the reader a great training program is one that incorporate different elements of strength and conditioning, flexibility, warm up/cool down and recovery away from the weights room tips for you to plan your own work.

Warm up with some form of dynamic exercises for 5-10 mins to get the blood flowing around the body, promote flexibility and helping to preventing any injuries early on.

The basic workout template can look something like this depending on your goals and personal outcome A-upper body pulling exercises B-lower body leg exercises C-upper body pushing exercises D-lower body hip dominant exercises E-abdominal/ core exercises, using an array of rep ranges from 1-30+, different rest periods ranging from 30seconds- up to 5mins recovery between sets, use of tempo’s ie: the lifting speed of the weight being used , different training implements ranging from bodyweights, bands, chains, free weight ,fixed and cable machines and much more, this way your overall body is getting a great workout ,prevent less boredom, gaining overall strength and building a body wordy of representing your country in the next upcoming Olympics.

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