Happy new year workout.

So it’s January and you decided to hit the gym to try and improve your overall health and fitness, but still don’t know where to start.

Here’s a program that can work both your aerobic and aerobic system, Enter the PHA program, PHA stands for Peripheral heart action is a resistance (weights) and aerobic-based workout that aims to keep the heart elevated for the duration of the session, its essentially a gym based circuit which a series of exercises are performed continuously and sequentially after each other.

These type of workout are easy to design and are effective for increasing that muscular tone as most people called it nowadays along with muscular endurance which simultaneously delivers aerobic fitness benefits to the body for cardiovascular health benefits.
There are several variety of the PHA program, as with most program, but for the sake of this audience let’s keep it simple for planning and time allowed at the gym especially in January.

-Select : one upper body pushing exercises, one leg based exercises, one upper body pulling exercise, make sure these exercise are made up of three compound resistance based exercise, and finally include one aerobic exercise.
-The Three resistance is suggested to be perform for a minimum of 12+reps, which the aerobic exercise performed at your best intensity for 3-5 minutes depending on your current fitness level.
-This circuit can then be performed 2-5 times after your warm up, depending on your time and your current fitness levels, if necessary a short rest period of anywhere between 10-60 seconds can be taken between each resistance exercises or at the end, although this is not compulsory, again if new to the gym you might/will need more rest to recovery to complete the whole circuit, a season gym goer will need less recovery time.


workouts    Upper body push    Leg compound      Upper body pull          Aerobic EX
1                   Bench press             Squat                      Bent over row             Cycling
2                   Military press         lunges                     Lat pulldown                Rowing


I hope you find this program enjoyable and challenging at the same time, while taking you a step closer to achieving your goal.


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