How to deal with a binge?

🌞 So you had on awesome summer with your family and friends and now you’re desperate to achieve your weight management/fat loss goals due to social weight gain over the period of bliss & now you want to stick to your nutritional plan going forward to finish the year on a high so you look awesome in your black dress or suit for the Xmas parties everyone is going to be at.

⚓️There’s no question about it !⁣ “Right”

However, sometimes life just gets in the way.⁣

As we have all have the best intentions to change and you sometimes think “screw it, I’m going to eat what the hell I want today”.⁣

Can you relate to this?

🎉⁣Maybe it was your Child’s birthday party, your best friend celebrating her birthday or your best friend getting divorce and just needs the support and before you know it the drinks and food just got out of control trying to drown the sorrows.

Everyone goes off track from time to time!⁣

Including myself!⁣

👼Despite what you may think of me…I’ve been known to indulge in copious amounts of Haribo star mix & M&S cookies while nobody is watching especially on the days when stopping to fill up on petrol for my Bentley.

The winning mindset is how you respond to this.⁣.

You’ve got 2 winnings strategies after a binge:⁣

✅Simply get back on track as normal.
Keep in mind, one bad day in isolation will not have a huge negative impact on your progress.⁣ However, making it a habit of having multiple poor days or unplanned days back to back will definitely have long lasting consequences. As such, just getting back on track the next day is a great strategy for most people. And wiping the slate clean is good way to move forward.

⁣✅ Think about making some reductions later in the week. The second opinion is to estimate how many calories you went over your usual calorie allowance and then take these calories away from the remaining days in the week.⁣⁣

🍲Let’s say you when over your eating plan by approximately 1000 calories and there is 5 days left in the week. Simply reduce your daily calorie by 200 and that will therefore mean the weekly calorie total is approximately the same as a normal week if you have been keeping a eye on what you eat previously.

💎Remember, the key is making sure this binge day doesn’t turn into into days,weeks and months as one poor day in isolation isn’t going to have too much of a negative impact on your progress, if you acknowledge what you have done and get back on track by utilising the top two strategies above.