Q1: Please briefly introduce yourself – include a bit about where you’re from, what you do and how long you have been doing it. You can include your age if you wish.

I’m Luciano Kydd of KyddFitness. I work predominantly with females between the ages of 30-50+, that are injury free, with goals to get stronger and look, move and feel better in their overall health and physique, through the use of my services of nutritional coaching, bespoke personal training and lifestyle management. I’m currently based in Cheltenham, having moved here from London with my family 4 years ago. I have been a personal trainer/coach for 7 years.

Q2: What made you choose Personal Training as a profession? What drives you and how do you motivate your clients? If possible, please add a little background to this.

After leaving the army after 8 years service in the Infantry, I wanted a career that would keep me challenged both physically and mentally. Personal Training allows me to utilise my military skills in communication and discipline, working out ways to overcome challenges and motivating others.
I am 100% driven by the job satification I get from seeing a clients transformation from day one to when they begin to reach their goals -most clients experience improved health and fitness, greater strength and flexibility, increased confidence and self-belief, and positive impact on family and work life – it’s a privilege to be a part of someones life in this way.
I motivate my clients in many different ways, but the phrase that comes to mind is ” if others can do it, so can you”, because when you strip down a person we’re all the same – fighting different battles – but usually looking for the same outcomes in life, which is “simply to be better on a daily basis”.

Q3: Can you tell us briefly about your education and experience in personal training over the years? (If you are new, you can just share your education/certifications and please also mention any other relevant information).

Over the last 7 years I have completed a number of professional development courses to ensure I am up to date with the latest research and practises in health and fitness. I choose courses from highly respectable providers such Precision Nutrition, Poliquin group, Phil Learney ACA course, Mark Coles M10 Physique mentorship course. I also undertake study for my own personal development such as understanding business, clients and their behaviours.

Q4: What is your primary specialty as a personal trainer (are you a weight management trainer, sports conditioning trainer and so on?

I specialise in weight management and fatloss, as well building atheltic muscle. I help clients to achieve their personal goals through weight training, nutritional coaching and lifestyle management.

Q5: Do you primarily train clients in GL Neighbourhood or do you have clients in other areas as well? Please also mention some of the area names or districts you can cover in terms of providing personal training.

I work mostly in the Cheltenham town centre and in surrounding areas such as Up Hatherley, Prestbury and Leckhampton, but I also travel to see clients at their homes right across the Cotswolds.

Q6: What has been your experience of working in this GL area, as a personal trainer? Please mention both, the positives and the challenges you may have faced.

So far it has been a positive experience since moving up from London and becoming self-employed, as a lot of my clients have come through word of mouth referals, so that demonstrates I’m doing a good job with the different individual clients. This is a great area to work in, I love working with a wide array of clients both in the gym environment or at their homes or in the great Cotswolds outdoors in the summer months. It can be challenging to find ways to fit in clients – as many prefer to train at the same times of day ( and their is only one of me!) and also there is plenty of trainers in the area I don’t feel like I have competition, as i’m confident in myself, what I do and deliver.

Q:7 Has there been any unforgettable instance/story in your PT career? It can be an amazing transformation, or something funny. If so, can you please share it briefly?

I once had a client for a 12 Week outdoors Transformation programme I use to run- she was approaching 50 years old and had never exercised formally before. It started on a freezing cold January morning with some basic outdoor training, as she kneel on the frost covered grass she cried out “I can’t do this, what am I doing here!”. Just 6 weeks later she had dropped 2 dress sizes and was flipping tyres and squatting like a pro! She had undergone a complete transformation in terms of both her body size and shape and her confidence levels.

Q8: What is the one piece of advice you give every client?

Have patience, be presistent and have some kind of consistency with what there’re doing to get the desired results and know that what you’re doing is a lifestyle and not jus a 12 week fix.

Q9: Finally, please share why you think you are, or could be, the one of the best personal trainers in your or wider area. Please include a couple of reasons why you think you offer something better or unique than other trainers to help clients achieve their desired goals.

My clients feedback best answers this question, I have a vested interested in their overall wellbeing, health, and overall results through to the end, it’s not about showing up for just a training session like with pervious PT, they may have used in the past, it’s what goes on in-between those session, with regular feedback and follow up, with educating and empowering them along the way so their have the education or re-education in most instances, along with the ability to do things on their own well long after their use my services.

I’m consistently re-investing in my own education and personal development so I can deliver faster but sustainable results with my clients, along with better customer service and care.