Do you know how a belief takes hold of you or is form, it’s down through repetition, with Authority and with impact.
You might be asking well what has this got to do with something like weight loss or your health, fitness and wellness.
From personal experience and speaking with pass and present clients, they will say in person to me or someone else, “I who want to lose weight”, but the deeper conversation they are saying mentally as well as verbally, is “I can’t lose weight” so every time their try on external methods it will only lost a short period of time or they fail as their old self doubt kicks in and the vicious cycle continues, believing their are a failure or unless.
But unless their are aware or willing to change their mental tone internally with themselves nothing really changes, so just like you will need to change a negative or poor nutritional habit for a new one their would never see the change their so desire.
Alot of people belief their need someone to change them, (yes i do belief you/we need the guidance and tools from someone to guide you/us), but ultimately you’re are the ones who are actually making the change not me or the other people.


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