The summer months maybe coming to a close if you’re going by this morning wetness and last drop in temperatures at night..

So you have been quite active throughout the summer months and the darkness of winter maybe upon us but fear not following these simple top tips/strategies above (checkout inserted picture above) can help you too make the most of your daylight hours, to keep you moving in the right direction of staying active throughout your day, without having to worry about the dreaded English  Autumn and winter months ahead therefore increasing your daily steps an creating a win-win situation for you.

We all know by now that living a desk bound lifestyle have way more consequences for our health and bank account as we aged. Here are some simple benefits of the much needed Steps/ Walking into our day.

Walking for 30 minutes a day or more on most days of the week is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health, If you can’t manage 30 minutes a day, remember ‘even a little is good, but more is better’, Walking with others can turn exercise into an enjoyable social occasion, improved management of conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain or stiffness, and diabetes, stronger bones and improved balance, increased muscle strength and endurance, reduced body fat and much more.

In the balancing act of managing our energy intake vs energy expenditure it’s important you understand what contributes to your output.

NEAT or non-exercises activity thermogenesis is the energy expenditure we have when walking, standing, climbing stairs, fidgeting and maintaining and changing posture. Anything outside of formally planned or structured exercise falls under this category. So many individuals believe that if they don’t go to the gym nothing else they do outside matter “wrong “ the truth is everything matters one way or the other especially when trying to to expend energy, so doing the small things like these tips matters over a period of time.

So enjoy staying active, even if you just manage to go up and down the stairs at work.