Hello and welcome to this weeks blog, hope everyone is having a productive week thus this far.

So yesterday i decided to weighed myself 3 times for a little experiment of mine..

Not because i’m concerned or obsessed with my weight at present, but simply to make on observation and a point in general, which will aid my own understanding but my clients as well.

As you can see my weight fluctuated greatly over the course of the day.

7:00am- 85.5kgs
13:00pm- 86.5kgs
8:30pm- 87.5kgs

You might be thinking are all these changes throughout the day related to the amount of fat on my frame somewhat.

Well the answer to that question is a simply NO, because it will be impossible to lose or gain body fat that quickly unless you have Merlin wand at your disposal.
In reality , these fluctuations in my scale weight were simply down to changes in my physiological factors such as..

The amount of carbs i ate and then had stored for the day…
The amount of water i drink/hydration levels…
The amount of food in my digestive system…
A combination of urine and faeces in had in my system…

And basically these are the elements of things than can vary alot throughout the day that will allow you to shift your overall bodyweight up or down throughout the day or week.

Some things to consider from a practical standpoint , is if you’re going to use the weighing scale which yes is a tool to track progress over time, is to consistent with the same time of use and under the same condition each day where possible.

Ideally you should.

-Wear minimal clothing or no at all if doing it in the comfort of your home.

-Do it first thing in the morning after waking after using the toilet.

-Take the reading the same time each day.

-Using the same floor setting ideally wooden or brick as i find soft cushion floor can distort the readings..

By employing  these simple methods, along with the above bits of info provided today, you can save yourself from being in a consistent state of elation or depression all because of a number if you’re not consistent with your approach and understanding of how the body works.

If you want more info on this subject matter checkout another blog on my website i wrote a while back.


In the meantime have a great day , share with someone who will find this of benefit or would benefit from the use of my services.