With many young people today spending more and more time in front of the television, surfing the internet or trying to impress each other on social platforms such as snapchat and Instagram; coupled with a sedentary lifestyle during their early childhood and adolescence years, there is in increased risk of this generation developing some chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis later in life, along with the rising cases of child obesity in the U.K.



Before we get into the benefits of strength training for children, I know the worried or anxious parents out there would want to ask the following question: wouldn’t strength training or lifting weights place too much stress on growing muscle? Or stunt his/her growth? Or isn’t it downright dangerous? The truth of the matter is these are just misconceptions, with no real science based foundation or proof, which usually stem from parents own self-doubt or lack of understanding in the area.



The truth is that strength training, when conducted in a safe and supervised manner by someone like myself, it’s a safe, effective and efficient means of: conditioning young muscles, increasing muscular strength and endurance, improving their overall body composition which can help with controlling their weight to some degree, improving aerobic and anaerobic fitness, flexibility, improvement in overall personal self-confidence and esteem and much more.



With regular participation in strength training program, children can have a more favourable impact on skill related /base fitness component that can be transferable in sport such as power, speed, agility, reaction time, balance and coordination for example in sport such as rugby, tennis, cricket, swimming, basketball, rounder’s, football, cross country activities and many more.


From my personal experience of working with clients looking to lose weight, get fitter or get stronger , is usually individuals who didn’t like to participate in regular physical activity either by their own choosing or lack of not being motivated properly during their early years of being a student, furthermore this then have an adverse effect as seeing physically activity as something not for them or something they cannot do on their own when ask too, which then has a knock on effect later in life on their own bodyweight coupled with poor nutrition advice over the years see their overall health, strength and wellness suffer due to these early effect on both their physiological and psychological wellbeing.



For me that’s one of the beauties of doing strength training – it doesn’t discriminate against how you look or feel or even what age you’re, you have just got to start from where you are, with doing the basic movements of using your own bodyweight, then including equipment such bands, med ball, machine or free weights later on, for both children and adults, which then has a lifelong benefits on both their psychological and physiological wellbeing. So begin today with getting your children off the couch or social media with doing some kind of physical activity regardless whether it’s a sports or some type of strength training program.



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