Happy New Year and welcome to 2018, we made it together.

With keeping up with the trend of each new year, like most individuals you have had festive season like most of us, eating and possibly drinking way to much added with that you now have put on a few pounds in unwanted areas and then decided to join a gym, but while there you don’t have a clue where to go next apart from the quick introduction you gain on day one of joining, its now week two and still motivation is dwindling fast simply because you’re either scared to do anything because you don’t want to look like a fool or you have no structure to follow.
But fear not KyddFitness, is at your rescue, Here’s a basic whole body training plan that you can use for the next 4-5 weeks plan especially if you’re a beginner or coming back from a long break from training.

1-Suspension Squat- Squats are great for strengthen and working most of the muscles of the lower body along with the aid of the TRX, it will help new beginner into learning to sitting down and back in the squat position with use of the straps.

2- Suspension Strap Back Row- This is a great exercises for beginner for strengthen the upper back muscles which can be weak due to poor posture and lifestyle, also its great for learning to engage and retract the shoulder blade in the upward position, more so it help with strengthen your grip strength which is often a weak spot in most individuals.

3- Lying Leg Curl- This is on awesome piece of kit for getting lock into position and for strengthen the muscles of the rear of your legs ie: the hamstring which is predominantly weak in the majority of individuals.

4- Bodyweight Push up- is great for strengthen the muscles of the chest, tricep, shoulders and abs, in some circles it can be very underrated exercise, but then again only few people can do the a proper push up, if you’re one of them, regress this exercise by doing either a kneeling version or a upright one against a wall.

5-Standing calf raises- Doing calf raises not only help with have stronger calf for everyday use but having stronger gastrocnemius one of the muscles that makes up the calf along with the soleus, aids in stabilizing the knee joints, a joint which most individual’s suffer some kind of injury or complain about in their lifetime.

6- One Arm Shoulder Press– On awesome exercise not only to strength the shoulder muscle but learning to stabilize the shoulder joint, along with learning to brace the core muscles, more so a great way to try to even out weakest in either your left/right arm.

7-Cable Bicep Curl- Lets be honest who doesn’t like a great set of arms especially in the summer months.

8- Cable Tricep push down- Great for enhancing the muscles at the back of your arm, most notable referred to as the “bingo wings”.

9- The Front Plank- Great for building core strength and endurance and for helping to reduce lower back aches, more so they can be done anywhere from your living room, the ski slopes or the beach.


Guidelines: Start off with doing between 2-4 set per exercises, increase set as the weeks goes on, doing anywhere from 10-20 reps per exercises depending on your techniques and strength levels, and resting in-between sets for anywhere from 30 sec to 90 seconds , again depending on your fitness and strength levels, Try hitting the gym between 3-4 days per week so you have some consistency and your body get to develop some sense of coordination and feel for the movements begin taught, also try having a rest day in-between each training sessions, while focusing on recovery and proper nutrition.

Hopefully this has given you a helping hand for the next 4-5 weeks of training, you might be wondering where to go from here afterwards, you have the option of swapping any exercises with something similar that work the same muscle group or invest in a personal training like myself for more guidance.