🏆The word “Dumbbell” originated in England in the late 1600s, during the Stuart Period. Initially this referred to a piece of equipment simulating the action of a bell rope for the developing technique and especially strength for the purpose of practising English bell ringing, but without making noise hence (dumb).

💪The Dumbbell is a stable in every gym environment as well as home gym and for good reason as their as their benefit general physical health and has help to build some of the most muscular and strongest physique of all time.

🏆There are less intimidating to most of female population in gyms compared too the barbell.

💪They force limbs to work unilaterally which is way to balance out weaknesses in different muscles groups, along with increasing range of motion in some exercises as well.

Plus their are inexpensive and compacted to have at home and to buy and provide versatility in a lot of training programs regardless of your goals.

Here’s on example of a shoulder/upper body exercises workout that can be done with a pair of dumbbell or a selection of a dumbbell especially during busy periods of the gym.

A- Standing dumbbell neutral shoulder press

B–Seated dumbbell lat raises

B2-Lean away dumbbell lat raises

C1-45 Degress incline bench lying on side lat raises

C2- Incline Db lying lateral raises

D-Dumbbell external rotation elbows on knee

Make the dumbbell part of your staple gym routines.