With the summer holidays season already into full swing , everyone is either heading to the their favourite campsite, down the English coast or if you’re lucky somewhere on one of the beautiful Mediterranean island enjoying the warm tranquil waters and white sandy beaches.

If you had prepared months beforehand you will be already enjoying your new summer bodies so to speak, but if you’re like most individuals who leave everything last minute and worried you will lost all your hardwork you have done over the past few months or weeks by eating too much and not moving enough.
Here’s a sample workout you can do all in the comfort of your camp space or hotel room, all you required is your travel luggage case, which weight approximately 20kgs when finished packing unless you like paying on extra fee for carrying more weight, depending on your strength levels this will provide the ideal resistance to keep your fitness level up while on your short or long summer break.

The workout consist of Five exercises to give you a whole body workout experience using one piece of equipment your “ travel case”.
Workout direction is as followed: Do each exercises in the number order from 1-5, start with doing 10 reps per exercises, rest 10 seconds between moving onto the next exercises, until you have complete all 5 exercises, when you have complete the five exercises rest 1 minute, then do them in a pyramid scheme fashion where you increase reps per exercises for every sets you do for 12,15,20 and 25 reps ,until you complete a total of 5 sets.

Depending on your fitness and strength levels you might take a longer rest period in-between exercises to recover or you can reduce the weight of your case by removing items until you can complete each exercise with good form and technique, as always I will recommend you warm up before doing the sample workout and keep hydrated throughout the workout, have an enjoyable and fit summer holiday, and let me know how you get on.

1-Luggage Front Squat

2-Luggage Bent over Row

3-Luggage Deadlift

4-Luggage Overhead Press

5-Luggage Floor Press