Regardless what the media and some people may suggest eating protein is very healthy and beneficial for achieving the best health, body composition and performance, whether your goals is reduction in weight or bodyfat, building muscle or looking tone as some will say, or just looking and feeling great.
The truth it’s hard to achieve all the three of those with sub-optimal protein intake.








At least 1 grams per pound of your bodyweight. To figure out your protein needs, simply match your bodyweight to grams of protein IE: if you currently weight =60kgs which =132lbs you need at least 132 grams of protein every day and this is science fact not something I just made up. Not consuming enough protein, is another reason most people fail to shift bodyweight as they aren’t consume the right amount and quality of protein as an individual.





You can if you want to be more precise in the matter, but if you don’t know where to start, one of the simplest way to figure out your protein needs if don’t have a scale etc or know how to work it out, is to look at the palm of your hand, each palm is equal to approximately 22-30 grams of protein depending on the size of individuals hands, Eg if you’re 132lbs, you need 132 grams, this can be spread over different meals throughout the day. For eg if you can only have time for 3 meals a day that’s 2 palm per each meals equal 6 palm. As if using the lower end of the scale of =22grams, 132lbs divided by 22grams=6 meals of 1 palm per meal or 2 palm for 3 meals, hope that makes sense.


Point to note when you shift weight you also need to change how much you consume per meals.
By following this advice you will not only ensure an adequate intake protein, you will also stimulate help improve your metabolism, improve your muscle mass compare to fat ratio, if not in a calorie surplus, improve recovery and reduce overall body fat.


point to remember it’s the quality of the protein source that matter the most ie: a lean slice of 🐠🐄🐐🐓 is better than the protein coming from a 🌭🍘or bacon so choose wisely.




Poultry- chicken (breast,leg,thigh,wings)- Turkey-( breast,leg, sausage)

Pork and Lamb- bacon, lean fresh 95% cut ham, lamb chop/leg/steak etc, pork chop/sirlion/boneless/loin/tenderloin

Beef- filet,round eye, brisket,chunk, beef jerky/cured, 95% lean mince, rib eye, sirloin,steak, vension and game meats etc

Shellfish- clams,crab, lobster, oysters, scallops, shrimp etc

Fishes- tuna fresh/canned, swordfish,tilapia, sea bass, snapper, salmon-not farmed, mackerel, haddock, cod, anchovy, sole etc

egg and dairy- whole egg/egg whites, cottage cheese, organic cheese etc, natural or organic greek yogurt-plain or coconut milk yogurt

supplement- plant OR whey protein powder , amino acids such as- BCAA powder or capsules, l-gluatmine, l-leucine