Hiya Ladies and Gents, How are you doing today?

My old high school Head Teacher & also my English teacher used to say, “I simply will not tolerate it” whenever a student didn’t know the answer to a question, was late with homework or had failed to properly
diagram a sentence.

As an adult, I’ve found myself saying that a few times and it makes total sense.

“Tolerate” is one of those words we all throw around pretty often. Sometimes we have to
“tolerate” traffic because what can we do when we’re stuck in it?

Or we are called upon as citizens to “tolerate” people with whom we can politely disagree.

But a lot of times we’re told that we have to tolerate something that – guess what – we really
DO NOT have to tolerate.

And shouldn’t.

For example, have you ever quietly been the target of a cutting remark without speaking
up for yourself? Whether it was the grocery clerk or your significant other, it doesn’t

• Have you been forced to endure a friend’s negative remarks or offensive jokes?

Do you suffer quietly when your hair or dress stylist is consistently 15 minutes late for your sessions?

Look, we all know how hard day-to-day life can be sometimes. You’re stressed, overworked,
and doing your best.

But that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate ANYTHING disrespectful or harmful. You deserve

We get to teach people how to treat us. We decide what we tolerate. If you haven’t put your
foot down, it might be time.

Time to “BE MORE”