So with all good intentions purposes you started off well and day comes, when everything doesn’t go to plan about getting your workouts done.

What do you then do……

❌Do you feel guilty.

❌Go on a binge as you have proclaimed to yourself (My day is now Ruined so I might as well keep going).

❌Punish yourself by doing Two hours of cardio.


✅Relax accept today’s outcome and get right back to it tomorrow.

We all have days when we set out to get a task done as our motivation and drive is high to accomplish the task at hand.

However things happens that maybe is our of our control, the weather changes, the kids get ill, you picked up the wrong gym bag due to rushing for the train this morning, The in-laws drop over, Your girlfriend is on a short stop over flight so you must met up, as its the right thing to do..

Sounds Familiar. Right.

we go into panic mode, feeling of overwhelmed takes places and the dream fades in that moment.

Fortunately it’s What we do next can indicate what the outcomes might be.

One workout isn’t going to be to detrimental in the grand scheme of things if we get back the next day or week and follow the route we decided upon.

It is only when one workout starts becoming, 2,3, 4 misses workout that progress will start to be impact on the whole journey over time.

So don’t mentally beat yourself up about it, as I guarantee once you keep going and get back into your routine, that frustration you’re feeling now will pass.

So now you know what to do, just pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

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