Some days time might be against you depending on your planning or lack of planning and you just want to grab some good solid food that not only fill you up but at the same time nourish you.

Today’s was one of these day prepackaged food can come in handy.

Main meal is made up of Sainsbury’s Prepackaged Beluga lentils and Jamie Oliver super tomato and olive Quinoa.

Along with some seafood pieces made up of shrimp, scallops and squids cooked from frozen and some left over olives.

All seafood was cooked together in a tomato paste and olive oil base with added mixed herbs and spices of my choice cooked for about 15mins in about 2 cups of water and the lentils and quinoa was added in for 5mins before the end to cook for a total of 20mins and served with mixed leaf salad drizzle with some Balsamic vinegar dressing.

Washed down with large glass of water.

The main take way is not to discuss my quick cooking skills but rather to make good food choices in your busy week food planning/shopping is essential throughout the week or else you will always feel you have no other choice to eat what’s at hand or eat due to your emotional instead of use common sense.

So top tip of the day just like I’ll tell all my clients over and over make time take some personal responsibility on the weekend to plan some meals ahead of time then go out and buy the ingredients, the only thing left to do is preparing it either the night beforehand and take to work or it’s there ready to make for the family at the end of your stressful day.

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