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What do Joe public and miss yo-yo do when their start fat loss phase in a panic for an event or the upcoming summer months?

The individuals start by slashing their carbohydrates intake and calories from what they’re currently consuming to something of on extreme figure eg 2000 plus calories a day to trying to survive on 500-900 calories a day .

I know what you are thinking , I thought you said you need toย be in an energy deficit for fat loss to take place.

Yes, I have said that & it’s TRUE.
However, the key for the fat loss phase is to do the following:

-having a program focusing on Weight training should be the foundation of your training program .

-Start on as many calories as possible, while Performing as minimal cardio as possible .

-Only make the necessary changes to calories intake, when Fatloss plateau.

-Add in cardio training when it is necessary such as in a fat loss plateau, if other methods has been used

-make sure you initially had some way of recording all the above so you can honestly see what have and haven’t worked.
A few reasons why:

By starting on more calories means better performance in your workout and your overall strength wouldn’t suffer that much.

-By starting on as many calories as possible, this gives you and your coach more room to make changes, when and if required later on in the coming weeks and months, especially if long term fatloss is your goal.

-By starting the eating plan on as many calories as possible, this will help perverse lean tissue during the fat loss phase as you train harder.

-you will look healthier, function better and not someone looking like on empty shell.
Take for example someone doing seven full days per week cardio training and top of a few days of strength training combined with an eating plan made up of very few daily calories. What do you do when and if your progress stalls, as some way along the course of time it will ?
Answer not much wiggle room to play with, as you already under eating and overworking.

Another great reason why starting on as many calories as possible is ideal, which will allow you the individual a lots of calories to cut from when it’s necessary and the time has arrived .

hope that makes sense in this world of noises and information overload era.




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